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, you can't go wrong when you choose A-1 Water Conditioning! Water softeners, safe drinking water services, and iron and odor filters. Our supply is in association with Canature WaterGroup in Fridley, MN. Contact us today for more information!

You can depend on our low-water usage water softeners with high efficiency and other water conditioning products for unparalleled quality! For your safety, we're licensed, bonded, and insured! What's more? We have extended warranties available on our services!

  • Water softeners

    Are your faucets, dishwasher, washer, dishes and clothes frequently getting stained because of hard water? Our softener has top dependability due to its single moving part, a Teflon coated piston.

  • iron & odor filters

    Are you troubled by the constant buildup of unpleasant stains on your clothing after a wash? Does your tap water smell of sulfur? You can count on us for FREE water testing done by highly trained professionals.

  • drinking water filters

    Having access to clean and clear drinking water is a blessing, and at times, it's the last thing you can find!
    You can count on our experienced team to make sure you enjoy clean water at all times with our drinking systems! Need financial assistance? We offer interest-free financing!

Our water softeners come with a 5 year labor and 7 year parts warranty on our factory authorized installation and service.

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